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If you could change something about your home today, what would it be?


A balanced interior is what personifies and adds value to a home. A2interiors does just that!

A home that mirrors a lifestyle – a house, townhouse, or a flat, is not a home until it has the imprint of a specific personal style. The framework of the project plan is informed by us identifying what you're about, the style that you want to achieve, and your budget parameters.

Attention to detail solutions. While we can't make the world an ideal space, we can find solutions that create an ideal home space – essentially a refuge...with detail that reflects a lifestyle.

An imprint that personifies you...not us or someone else! Haven't we all arranged furniture and objects in a haphazard way and felt that something is not quite right, not comfortable, not what we want it to be?

Affordable home 'make-overs' – we make use of existing elements in your current space – other elements are added to enhance and complete the 'look and feel'. It's about your personal imprint and de-cluttering – it's not about getting rid of all your furniture and objects and an unaffordable shopping spree!

A2interiors is an interior décor company situated in Piketberg | Western Cape that offers creative advice and feasible solutions with a fresh approach to interiors for anyone, anywhere, at any time. For a home that mirrors a lifestyle, attention to detail, and a functional and harmonious personal imprint – contact us to go on a wonderful creative journey!

What do we do?

Reimagine your home, aspire to the way you want to live what makes you comfortable and at ease what spaces colours relaxes you? We help you to make your décor dreams come true according to your lifestyle function and needs. This includes the philosophy of: “does your décor dreams have purpose in your life?” With a creative journey we help you discover the style function mood & harmony of the interior you would like to live entertain sleep work in…

How do we do that?

Working with Space, Lines Form or Shape, Pattern, Light, Colour & Texture the magic ingredients to easy living: your way…

How do we do that?

    1. Meet | Budget | Assessment | Brief | Ideas
    2. Agree
    3. Research
    4. Concepts | Plan & Quote
    5. Refine
    6. Action Plan | Phases | Confirm Orders
    7. Complete | Install

Interior Decorating Fee Structure

Interior Decorating Consultation fee from R 450.00

An hourly rate for site visits, research, shopping days and presentation of concepts

We will send you a formal quotation after we discussed the project brief and scope.

Interior Decorator

Andries Grobbelaar

Andries Grobbelaar, the driving force behind A2 Interiors, brings a unique blend of talents to your space. His initial background in graphic design fueled his passion for interior decorating, leading him to pursue a diploma and establish A2 Interiors in 2010. Since then, he's transformed countless interiors, leaving them more beautiful than he found them.

Andries' experience working in merchandising for Weylandts honed his eye for styling. He understands how to elevate a space by adding or removing key pieces, maximizing the impact of your existing elements. This expertise has garnered recognition, with A2 Interiors featured in Home|Tuis and Sarie Woon magazines. He has also expanded his portfolio with successful commercial and hospital projects.

In 2016, A2 Interiors relocated to Piketberg, Western Cape. This move also marked the introduction of window treatment services, including blinds. Andries understands the power of blinds to enhance a space – adding functionality, cooling a room, and creating a sense of home.

A2 Interiors offers a comprehensive turnkey service. Andries' knowledge encompasses balance, form, design, shape, and the function of each element within your space. His goal is to create a calming flow, guiding your eye from one focal point to the next, allowing you to experience the entire space in harmony. Even if the final design isn't exactly your personal style, it will evoke an emotion and create a lasting impression.

Combining Households? Let A2interiors Help!

Are you merging two households, perhaps due to marriage? Andries excels at helping clients navigate this process. He can provide guidance on what to keep, what to let go of, and develop an action plan to achieve your dream interior.
Let's Decorate Together! A2interiors extends an open invitation to join Andries on this journey of creating beautiful spaces. Let’s find out if your Décor Dreams are aligned with your lifestyle.




These guys create stunning looking interiors! We absolutely love their work and would personally contact them to help us create the perfect space for you.

Garden Bleu

Garden Bleu Home

Inhabit Concept Store

One and Only

Huys Custom made furniture

Designing Elegance Interiors

Wood Kraut

Sew Great Manufacturers

All Finer Things

A2 Interiors believes in the power of collaboration. We're passionate about creating beautiful spaces, and we know that the best results come from working together with talented architects, interior decorators, installers, suppliers, and trades.

We are extending an open invitation to join us on this journey. If you share our passion for creating exceptional interiors and believe in the value of teamwork, we'd love to hear from you.

Benefits of Collaboration:

By working together, we can leverage each other's knowledge and experience to create truly unique and functional spaces.

Collaboration fosters creativity and innovation, leading to superior design outcomes for our clients.

We believe in building strong, long-term relationships with our partners. By working together, we can all achieve success.

Ready to Collaborate? If you're interested to Co-LAB with A2 Interiors, please contact Andries directly. We look forward to hearing from you and exploring the possibilities of working together.

The process:

2 options:

1. Make an appointment for an on-site consultation to view samples and options with this opportunity we will then measure all the windows and advise the best options to quote for the project.

2. Send us your window sizes width in mm x height in mm with an indication of which blinds you are interested in then we can respond with a quoted price. If you wish to continue we will then arrange an on-site meeting to discuss samples and take final measurements.

What to expect on installation day?

We provide a clean & neat instillation; we drill with a vacuum cleaner to catch all the dust. We provide our own tools. All packaging will be removed.

Photos will be send after completion of the project, if you are not on site Before we arrive to install: Clean the area of any obstructions

Prepare pets: Consider keeping pets in a separate room to avoid disruptions or safety concerns.

Kids often want to help we advise against this for safety concerns and time frame…

On Site:

Installation process will be explained | We need electricity to install

Load Shedding, we will work around the schedule if applicable

We occasionally might have to use a rest room | we might need some water on site

A walkthrough will be done after installing + demonstrating how to open and close the blinds

Installation process: expect drilling, cutting and potentially some noise during the installation

Time Frame: dependent on the number of blinds and site obstructions

We are not responsible for:

Skew window sills or skirting obstructions

Please advise any obstructions on site or special requirements before completing your order

Damages caused by pre-existing issues: any damages caused by factors like weak walls, uneven surfaces, or faulty window frames

Installation Cost:

Call out fee might be applicable for areas more than 50km from Piketberg.

Courier fee from Cape Town Factory to Piketberg

R100 installation cost per blind

Billing information for the Invoice

80% dep confirms the order

10-15 working days for manufacturing of the Project Blinds

Cape Peninsula, Western Cape.

1. E&HG 23 HOUSE

TypePrivate house

StatusNew Built

YearCompleted 2017

Size450.3 square meters

– a symphony of white accented by rich wood tones, designed to maximize the home's connection to its stunning natural surroundings.

Upon arrival, lush greenery and towering trees frame the entrance, giving way to a breath taking vista of the ocean. Stepping inside, the eye is immediately drawn to the cloud chairs – a unique seating arrangement that sets the stage for a truly unforgettable experience.

The open floor plan seamlessly blends the Andrew Dominic Dining Table with the magnificent kitchen, featuring a 6-meter island handcrafted by Wood Kraut. Every detail of the joinery is meticulously planned, not just for functionality but also for maximum visual impact.

Designed for entertaining, the street-level entrance seamlessly integrates the outdoors, offering stunning 360-degree views of both the mountains and the sea.

The upper floor prioritizes function, housing the laundry, main bedroom, and garages. The lower floor caters to guests with two well-appointed guest rooms, a functional kitchen, and a charming wine cellar, all leading out to a sparkling pool and inviting terraces.

White reigns supreme as the base colour, allowing the beauty of the natural world and carefully curated artwork, objects, and soft furnishings to truly shine.

Sustainability is at the heart of this home, with eco-friendly features that minimize environmental impact. Beyond the main living areas, beautiful nooks and crannies beckon exploration.

The upstairs loft houses a dedicated TV room and workspace, offering a perfect retreat for relaxation or productivity.

This home is more than just a space; it's an experience. It's a place to breathe deeply, recharge, and create lasting memories. It's a whitewashed paradise infused with fresh, rejuvenating energy.

Pretoria, Gauteng.

2. Plaas in die Stad

TypePrivate house

StatusInterior Decorating


Sizeentire house re-decorating

This private residence in Pretoria East is a captivating blend of character, warmth, and artistic expression. Nestled amidst sprawling open spaces and embraced by nature, the home reflects the lives of its owners – passionate equestrians, entertainers extraordinaire, and lovers of all things beautiful.

The project began with a single room, a girl's haven, and blossomed organically to encompass the entire house. The open dining room seamlessly transitions to the pool and surrounding gardens, fostering a connection between indoor living and the breath taking natural canvas that unfolds beyond. Each upstairs bedroom boasts a private balcony overlooking the pool, further accentuating the home's immersion in its stunning natural surroundings.

The homeowners possess a discerning eye for art and unique objects, appreciating beauty in its purest form. This translates into a quirky design style that masterfully blends French, South African, and European influences. The challenge – and ultimate joy – of this project lay in unifying these diverse elements to create a truly one-of-a-kind space.

Featured on the cover of Sarie Woon magazine, the project included a complete bathroom renovation. The essence of the home is captured not just in its visual appeal, but also in the evocative aromas of freshly baked cookies, a constant reminder of the love and creative energy that permeate this vibrant residence.

Balito Dolphin Coast KwaZulu-Natal.

3. Balito Holiday Home

TypeHoliday Home

StatusInterior Decorating


Sizeentire holiday home furnished and re-decorated

A Tranquil Escape: Rejuvenation Through Design This project aimed to create a sanctuary, a place to truly unwind and shed the stresses of daily life. By embracing natural elements and a thoughtful reuse of furniture, we crafted a calming and inviting atmosphere that feels like a warm embrace.

Soft Palette, Serene Spirit: The colour scheme revolves around muted tones, fostering a sense of peace and tranquillity. Imagine gentle washes of colour that evoke the serenity of nature. These calming hues allow the textures and artwork to take centre stage, adding subtle layers of visual interest.

Breathing New Life: Sustainability and resourcefulness played a key role in the project. By repurposing and revitalizing existing furniture, we not only minimized environmental impact but also imbued the space with a unique charm and a touch of history. Each piece carries a story, adding depth and character to the overall design.

Artful Touches: Carefully selected art forms become integral parts of the space, adding pops of personality and visual intrigue. The interplay of shapes and forms creates a sense of balance and harmony, further enhancing the feeling of relaxation.

This holiday home isn't just a place to stay; it's a haven for the senses, a place to truly breathe deeply and reconnect with yourself. It's a testament to the power of thoughtful design to create an environment that fosters peace and rejuvenation.

Wilgers Hospital Pretoria, Gauteng.

1. ABJ Wilgers Oncology Centre

TypeOncology Centre

StatusRevamp Interior


We transformed the Wilgers Hospital Oncology Centre from a dated space into a tranquil environment that fosters feelings of calm and welcome for everyone. Our mission was to banish the old-fashioned orange and green tones and create a timeless, modern interior that inspires peace.

One of the biggest hurdles was replacing the flooring. To minimize disruption, we meticulously planned the project, sectioning off areas and working during night shifts. Each section received a complete makeover: new tiles, freshly painted walls, and recovered furniture returned to its place. This required extensive collaboration with the board and staff to schedule suitable nights for each section.

At the heart of the Centre stands a beautiful sculpture by Marieke Prinsloo titled "Heart Girl: I carry your heart I carry it in my heart." This artwork embodies hope, love, and support, reminding patients they are not alone, but carried by the love of their loved ones.

The treatment rooms feature beautiful curtains that frame a view of the hospital grounds' gardens. Patients can now enjoy the calming presence of nature even while receiving treatment.

Netcare Unitas Hospital | Life Eugene Marais - Pretoria, Gauteng.

2. Curo Oncology

TypeOncology Centre

StatusRevamp Interior

YearCompleted Unitas 2015 | Eugene Marais 2017

Netcare Unitas Practice: This Curo location in Centurion served as the design inspiration for the entire Curo Oncology Group. The space exudes a warm and welcoming atmosphere, ensuring patients feel well cared for. Here's what sets it apart:

A calming blend of natural colours with grey accents creates a serene environment. Eye-catching lime green treatment chairs provide a touch of vibrancy. A large Protea artwork from Inhabit Concept Store greets patients upon arrival. Practical floating shelves house a coffee station for added convenience. The x3 reception lights add a touch of drama and ambiance. A combination of unique artwork and furniture creates a vibrant and engaging space.

Life Eugene Marais Practice: Located at the Eugene Marais Hospital Grounds, this two-story oncology centre seamlessly blends existing and new elements. The ground floor features reception, treatment rooms, and consolation areas, while the upper floor houses consultation rooms, staff areas, a nursing room, and a dedicated research space.

This project involved careful planning to integrate existing furniture with thoughtfully chosen new pieces. Temporary Relocation: To facilitate construction, the practice temporarily relocated until the new building was completed. The design prioritizes a calm environment with the strategic use of plants and wood accents to create warmth.

Both Curo locations prioritise patient comfort and well-being through thoughtful design choices.

Lyttleton Centurion, Gauteng

3. Centurion Day Hospital

TypeDay Hospital

StatusNew Built Interior


Size851 square meters

A Day Hospital Designed for Comfort and Care. This Day Hospital, opened in May 2016, throws out the traditional sterile white walls in favour of a warm and inviting atmosphere. Here's a peek inside:

Move beyond the typical hospital setting. Our welcoming space incorporates calming lime green and refreshing blue, the hospital's corporate colours. Beautiful artwork adorns the walls, while comfy seating fills the open lounge areas. A dedicated kid's playroom keeps young minds entertained.

The lounge seamlessly flows into a coffee shop, offering delicious treats and a caffeine pick-me-up. The recovery room features calming blue bedspreads, easing patients back to comfort. The children's ward is a wonderland! Fun elements and friendly character decals create a cheerful environment to put young patients at ease.

Sustainable Style: Working closely with the owners, we repurposed and reupholstered many furnishings, promoting eco-friendly practices. A grand chandelier hangs in the reception area, a beautiful piece salvaged from the original house that once stood on the Day Hospital grounds.

CDH: Your Choice for Care: This state-of-the-art facility boasts friendly staff, world-class doctors, and a commitment to making your healthcare experience as comfortable as possible. Consider CDH for your next procedure!


Blind Option

25mm | 35mm | 50mm Venetian Blinds

Our aluminium venetian blinds use only aluminium Head & Bottom rails for improved quality of both vertical and horizontal aluminium blinds. The aluminium rails eliminate the corrosive effect of normal & coastal climates, which increase the lifespan of our venetian blinds. In addition, all the components, cords, ladders and slats for our aluminium venetian blinds are all imported to ensure the best quality product.

Venetian blinds are very versatile; apart from diffusing the light horizontally, they can retard or enhance the outdoor view into animated strips of colour. You can have venetian blinds made to measure to your exact specifications and they will ensure you the privacy you need. In addition, we have an extensive range of aluminium venetian blinds with slat width that vary from 25mm, 35mm and 50mm. We have increased the slat thickness of our aluminium venetian blinds from the industry standard of .18mm to .21mm ensuring our customers have superior quality blinds.

Our functional and decorative aluminium venetian blinds come in a variety of colours with colour matching tapes so your venetian blinds will always accentuate your décor.

Blind Option

50 mm Plaswood Venetian Blinds

Plaswood is a technological breakthrough that utilises a hard wearing plastic as a composite material, creating a natural feel to your environment. Plaswood blinds look identical to real wood blinds and have the additional benefit of being fully washable and unaffected by humidity. Because plaswood blinds are impervious to moisture and humidity they are ideal for the wood-like look in bathrooms, kitchens, sunrooms and coastal areas. With plaswood blinds you get the look of luxurious real wood at a fraction of the price. Because Plaswood blinds are synthetic they are easy to clean and durable, plus they do not warp, crack, or split. Our plaswood blinds are a type of venetian blinds that are available in a wide range of colours and textures. Plaswood blinds are available with 50mm slats which suit the window size and are the perfect addition to any home or office.

Characteristics and advantages of Plaswood blinds:

* Fire redundant

* Easy to clean

* Anti-static build-up

* Wood grain texture

* Resistant to direct sunlight and moisture

Compared to wood it has higher tolerance to moisture and humidity and is perfectly suited to bathrooms, kitchens, sunrooms and coastal area’s.

Blind Option

50 mm Venetian Wood Blinds

Wooden venetian blinds bring a classic, timeless style and natural beauty to any home or office. Wooden venetian blinds are a very popular way to improve the look of windows and make your living or working area appear bigger and more spacious.

Aluminium Head & Bottom rails for improved quality of our wooden Venetian blinds. This eliminates the corrosive effect from a normal & coastal climate and hence, increases their lifespan. The 100% real wood slats of our venetian blinds are made from quality timber to ensure longevity. These blinds are rigid and able to withstand limited contact with cleaning chemicals.

Wooden venetian blinds offer classic, timeless style for any home. Our wooden venetian blinds collection includes six natural wood tones these include: natural, golden oak, maple, cherry, charcoal and mahogany. You can personalise your venetian blinds by choosing 50mm slats which suit the any window size and effectively controls the amount of light.

Our blinds cater for all tastes from rich, darker shades of more traditional and dramatic décor to the modern, lighter colours that compliment contemporary wooden floors and furniture. The various options give you complete control over your made to measure wooden venetian blinds.

Blind Option

Roller Blinds

Traditionally fabric roller blinds have been preferred for bathrooms and kitchens. However, today’s varying quality fabrics mean that roller blinds are now suitable for any room in your home or office. The different fabrics make it possible to dim-out and black-out. The extent of privacy and emphasis rests with your choice of roller blind, colour and fabric. Several of the fabrics are sheers or voiles, modern alternatives to nets or where there is minimal need for privacy. With quality components for the operation system of our roller blinds it is easy to position at the desired point on the window.

Featuring fashionable designs and colours, our made to measure fabric roller blinds are designed to provide customers with items that perform various functions simultaneously. They provide privacy, protection from the sun and insulation while enhancing and complementing the look of any room.

Blind Option

Honeycomb Blinds

Ultra-light, stylish and energy efficient. Honeycomb blinds have a unique cellular design that create a barrier of insulation that reduces heat in summer and maintains warmth in winter.

Honeycomb blinds use only aluminium Head & Bottom rails for improved quality and longevity. The aluminium rails eliminate the corrosive effect of normal & coastal climates, which increase the lifespan of our honeycomb blinds. In addition, all the components, cords and cellular fabric for our honeycomb blinds are all imported to ensure the best quality product.

Honeycomb blinds provide unparalleled insulation properties as the cellular fabric creates air pockets that reduce heat transmission, meaning that the blind will keep your room cooler in summer and warmer in winter. You can have honeycomb blinds made to measure to your exact specifications providing improved acoustics and the privacy you need.

Our functional and decorative honeycomb blinds come in a variety of colours in both light-filtering and block-out options which will always accentuate your decor.

Blind Option


ShutterX is a lockable Aluminium Security Shutter.

The shutter will assist with energy efficiency by providing an effective insulation barrier. The aluminium material is naturally fire retardant, waterproof, completely washable and nonporous which resists mildew making it perfect for all rooms within the home including high moisture areas like bathrooms.


* ShutterX locking mechanisms are equipped with a 3 pin lock, ensuring maximum safety.

* Panels are secured in place via a top and bottom pin which can protrude up to 45mm into the wall and floor providing even and extra strength.

* Louvres are secured into the panel through a proprietary attachment mechanism. The more force applied to try remove the louvre, the tighter the tamperproof stile cover will grip the stile and hold the louvre securely in place.


* Reinforced louvres are manufactured in a large width of 100mm which allows more light and creates a less obstructive view.

* ShutterX has a fixed top and bottom rail, which allows for more louvres and less frame.

* ShutterX offers wide panels of up to a width 900mm per panel.